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Online Chats

Healing Together

Every now and then, I will be holding online chats. This is one way we can all get together and discuss idea’s and learn from each other.

Helping one another is one part of spirituality. If we are having problems in our lives, we can share what has worked for us. 

Don’t forget, we are all connected!

  • Connect with a higher power or purpose that gives us meaning and direction in life. This can be God, the universe, nature, or anything else that resonates with us. By connecting with a higher power, we can align our actions and intentions with a greater good and feel supported and guided in our healing journey.
  • Practice gratitude and forgiveness for ourselves and others. Gratitude helps us appreciate what we have and what we have overcome, while forgiveness helps us release resentment and bitterness that can hinder our healing. By practicing gratitude and forgiveness, we can cultivate a positive and peaceful mindset that fosters spiritual growth.
  • Share our stories and listen to others who have gone through similar experiences. Sharing our stories can help us express our emotions, gain insights, and find meaning in our suffering. Listening to others can help us empathize, learn, and support each other. By sharing and listening, we can create a healing community that validates and uplifts us.
  • Engage in spiritual practices that nourish our soul and enhance our well-being. This can include prayer, meditation, yoga, chanting, reading sacred texts, or anything else that helps us connect with ourselves and the divine. By engaging in spiritual practices, we can deepen our awareness, calm our mind, and strengthen our faith.